Stefan Bartsch


Stefan brings over 17 years of sales experience in the marketing and technology industries to Showpad where he heads up the UK and Ireland team. Stefan has developed his deep understanding of what it takes to grow a sales team and keep it successful by working for some of the fastest growing and award winning businesses including Centaur Media, Ink Publishing, Vocus and Trustpilot. At Showpad, Stefan is in much demand for his views and insights on how to develop innovative sales and marketing strategies to ensure businesses stay one step ahead of their competition.

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Activating and Aligning Content to Revenue

Content wastage is a global business dilemma. Marketing teams must evolve to deliver a consistent yet agile story and enable all sales reps within your organization to perform like your best sales people. By aligning your sales and marketing teams through the buyer’s journey you can create closed loop, activated content and ensure it’s turning into measurable sales conversion.