Shahad Ahmed

Autom8 Connect

Trusted for his expertise and extensive experience in the telecoms sector, Shahad has been involved in the architecture of numerous intelligent telecoms software solutions for blue-chip corporations worldwide.

Shahad spotted a gap in the contact centre market and decided to build a unique cloud platform with personalised support. Backed by his extensive experience in VoIP technologies, he assembled a team around him and began tailoring solutions to the needs of companies around the world. It’s in this way that Autom8 Connect was born.

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Automation Hunting: How to Make Your Team Infinitely More Effective

‘Automation’ is a big idea that often looms in the distance. This seminar focuses on using real-life examples and easy-to-follow advice to bring automation into force in ways uniquely useful to ambitious sales teams. Shahad will walk you through useful, practical steps to identify and conquer the productivity-killing processes that are holding your team back. With this power, you’ll generate real, achievable automation that will skyrocket your sales.