Roma Düm


Digital Communication expert. Master of Science in Philology and Public Relations. 14 years of experience in PR, Marketing, Branding, Business Development and Sales. Responsible for marketing communication in a second successful start-up. Cognitive studies passionate. Modern #gigger who turned into a marketing, business development and branding growth hacker. Researching online consumer behaviours and target audiences’ key motivations and mindset modes. 15 years of experience in various NGOs and CSR projects. Strong believer in GTD attitude.

Areas of expertise include: Public Relations and Affairs for B2B-B2G-B2C, Digital Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Growth hacking, Market Research, Experimental Marketing, Political Marketing, Branded Cognition, Content Production, CSR, Brand Philosophy.

Topics of interest : Loyalty and Brand Love, Reality Branding, New Digital Order, Millenial Segmentation, the Empowered Consumer Theory, Viral Oddity, Busines Development, Natural Content, Market Fit, New Millenial Segmentation, STEMinine Play and the Empowered Girl, VR/AR, AR/AV in Retail, New Retail, Shopentainment,Emotional & Rational Marketing, Socialized Rewards

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2018 Sales Personalisation and the Law of Content.

For B2B, SaaS, B2C and e-commerce much has changed recently. Our connected lives and abundance of choice and instant availability gave way to Empowered Consumers. There are ways and tools to address them but seems the way we categorise them is wrong... Successful sales, Social Media and ABM today are structured around driving Contextual Content Relevance and Analytics Driven Decision Making, yet it all ends up with Engagement. This new environment is complex, risky, and changing bud adapt and react fast. Alea iacta est.