Rikki Hunt

The Most Influential Thought Leader in Sales

Rikki Hunt is a coach/mentor, non-executive, business advisor, sought after speaker, author and adventurer.
In his corporate life, he was the youngest MD of a UK Oil company.
He has created several companies including Fuelforce Ltd, which raised £100m to purchase the entire Jet company owned retail business.
He has climbed 4 of the 7 summits and has a personal best of 8,350 meters. In 1999 he led an expedition to get the first disabled man to the magnetic north pole https://youtu.be/iz4tXW1KEOI. In 2009 along with 4 members of his family he was marooned on a desert island (Aitu, Cook Islands) where they had to survive for 20 nights. The program, The Real Swiss family Robinson was filmed by the BBC.
His passion is helping others achieve their goals by sharing his proven Behavioral Centered Leadership model for success

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Behavioural centred sales growth

Whether you work alone, as part of a team or are a sales team manager this seminar is for you. Selling is about people so the more you know about how your behaviour affects others the easier it will be to hit those sales targets. Rikki will share with you how he used behaviour as the centre piece to greater sales, company turnarounds and even climbing mountains.