Mike White


Mike is managing partner of CANSELLWILLSELL.com which offers a blended approach to sales training based on eLearning and workshop delivery. He is also author of CanSellwillSell a step by step guide to making confident effective sales calls and presentations using the Consultative Sales approach.
As a director of Keystone Compliance Ltd he also brings his knowledge and skills into delivering eLearning Compliance and Sales training modules specifically for motor dealers and manufacturers based on Principle Centred Selling.
Mike is an experienced sales professional with a broad range of experience in advertising sales and insurance sales and management. During his career, his combination of sales skills, excellent interpersonal skills, strong coaching and training skills and entrepreneurial thinking has resulted in continued delivery of client objectives, often during periods on significant change. He brings his experience and knowledge to his businesses to assist companies to maximise sales opportunities through confident and effective use of The Consultative Sale.
Mike is married with two grown up sons and enjoys getting out on his bike in The Surrey Hills where he lives and occassionally gets ‘behind the decks’ to DJ at family celebrations and business events. The young Cocker Spaniel in his life gets him out and about each day too!

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Maximising sales opportunities-getting back to basics!

Making effective and confident sales call and presentations is all about confidence and belief. In this seminar Mike will introduce you to The Consultative Sell-a simple step by step sales approach that will help maximise sales opportunities and generate more revenue. From understanding a prospects needs through to objection handling and closing a sale the Consultative Sale will have something for anyone in sales and sales management.