Michelle Mills-Porter

CEO at Ensize UK

Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA, CEO Ensize UK.
A tsunami survivor who discovered “Human Magnificence” in the face of horrific tragedy. She honed and developed her craft so that she could enable others to discover their untapped potential. Dedicated to “unleashing inner magnificence”, she launched Ensize UK and now mentors Practitioners across the country in addition to helping her own clients’ development.
Ensize is a global organisation offering a host of tools and assessments for high impact development. Michelle’s clients regularly show massive increases in sales, productivity and motivation as a direct result of her in house courses and training programmes.
As one of the Top Recommended Professionals Globally, she is a Master Behaviour Profiler, an Author and celebrated speaker.
In house workshops and training programmes include “The Secret Life of People, Selling in Colour and Building Brilliant Business Relationships.”

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“Get inside your client’s heads”

How do you read your client’s thoughts? By talking their language! This talk will show you how to identify your clients- super fast. How to read micro facial expressions, advanced body language and behaviour profiles by the language they use, the words they choose and even what they wear. Use these signposts to pre-empt their needs, build rapport and provide tailored solutions for successful sales.