Martin Hill

Bigger Brighter Better

Martin has spent over 40 years in a variety of different sales roles and laterally took the plunge of running his own business selling over 1.5 million products to UK Supermarkets. Martin has genuinely seen what works and what doesn’t. Now, he’s passionate about sharing what makes sales people Bigger Brighter and Better. He has created a science-backed formula based on his book The Happiness Scheme (available at and is driven to share exactly what makes sales people tick. Sales is not complicated, it’s an exceptionally simple process, what’s not is maintaining consistent high performance. Martin shares the ‘science backed techniques’ behind his success.

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Like to increase your sales using a science backed formula?

If you’ve ever had to carry the responsibility of a sales target you will understand the amazing highs and shattering lows of achieving your aims. No matter what anyone tells you… sales is not for the faint hearted. So what are the scientifically backed principles behind maintaining ‘HIGH PERFORMANCE’? Martin Hill shares the science-backed principles that work.