Mark Erskine

Seller Performance Ltd

With an impressive track record in sales leadership and developing corporate growth strategies, Mark delivers change in complex and challenging markets.

A highly experienced sales performance specialist, Mark helps clients identify new strategies and then builds the sales team’s capability to put them in motion.

He has over 30 years’ experience in business-to-business sales and is proud to be an accredited provider of the world-renowned LIFO® system of behavioural profiling and development, which enables sales professionals to better understand how buyers and sellers engage with each other, sell more business and gain that elusive competitive advantage.

Mark mixes corporate strategic development with training, coaching and one-to-one mentoring in behavioural profiling to deliver improved performance. His focus is on raising the ratio of individual closed sales, increasing the average value of each sale and generating a positive ROI.

Mark has also been a Miller Heiman accredited Independent Sales Consultant (ICS) since 1995.

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