Magnus Sloerdal


Magnus Sloerdal is the CEO and founder of Headshed, a Norway-based startup that combines expertise in sales and marketing with progressive software development. Headshed's solutions are helping call centres and inside sales departments be more efficient, increase hit rate and
reduce waste.

When the GDPR goes live next year, Headshed will help consumers enforce their legal right to control their personal data while allowing companies to access consenting consumers. Magnus has been working with sales and call centres since 2001, and not many things have truly changed since then, he feels that several fundamental issues still remain unresolved. Saying that "the customer is always right" is easy, but truly making this work in a systematic way isn't. Helping sales teams and organizations focus on what their customers actually want is Magnus' main objective, and increased efficiency and reduced waste come as a bonus. He's also into music and games.

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The Right Customer

Data is the new oil, and personal data is the refined fuel of the economy. We use customer and response data to connect the right customer to the right sales agent. But what happens when companies' access to personal data is controlled by individuals themselves from May 25th? In this seminar, we share our perspective on the post-GDPR and PSD2 marketplace, based on what our technology allows us to do.