Jeremy Jacobs

The Sales Rainmaker

Jeremy Jacobs started his sales career selling capital equipment over two decades ago. His calm, unruffled style benefits live events and the rich tone of his voice has earned him work in the advertising voice-over market for corporate video, television and radio. Now one of the UK’s “go to” corporate presenters and speakers, Jeremy runs workshops and mentors individuals on the thorny subject of business-to-business sales. He encourages salespeople and business owners, with a variety of experience, to sell more by understanding how buyers’ minds work. Jeremy’s authentic business edge and ability to motivate, entertain and educate means he is also in demand as a conference host at sales kick-off meetings and awards ceremonies.

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Are You Making The Three Most Common Sales Mistakes?

Money left on the table, too many objections and customers who never return your calls. These are the usual outcomes when salespeople make the three most common sales mistakes. Don’t miss Jeremy share powerful and researched sales methods that work and will prevent you from making those mistakes. You won’t find these counter-intuitive discoveries anywhere else and they work