James Gill


James is the co-founder of GoSquared – a marketing and sales software platform driving growth at over 1,000 successful businesses around the world. Working with the likes of Dell, J.P. Morgan, Secret Escapes, and countless other fast-growing businesses, James and his team are building intelligent live chat and customer engagement software for sales teams to grow faster. GoSquared delivers growth with a fundamentally better end-to-end customer experience than so many of the traditional software platforms out there.

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Conversational Selling – make Live Chat your most effective sales channel

For years, live chat has been seen as a channel for customer service.
But that’s changing – live chat, combined with real-time visitor analytics, is proving to be one of the most effective ways to convert hot leads – the visitors already on your website – into paying customers.
Live chat enables your sales team to dramatically reduce their time to close and empowers them to close more deals every day – while also removing the need for non-customer-friendly traditional sales tactics like cold-calling.