James Barnes

Umbrella Marketing Team

James works a Marketing Executive with Umbrella Marketing Team and you may be surprised to find that his skill set is digital-focused – websites, SEO, email, etc. Despite this, James is an avid critic of the way that digital marketing approaches are overblown, instead advocating the use of digital channels in a wholly integrated traditional-digital mix.

James’ background is in education marketing, previous to which he worked in both the print and hospitality industries.

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Traditional Marketing in a Digital World

In the digital age, much emphasis is placed on routes to market cultivated by digital marketing approaches. This is something that has been evidenced by the rise of a breed of new, purely digital marketing agencies. However, often now overlooked is the importance of traditional marketing. Whilst many of the practices seem to some to be dated and with diminishing relevance to the digital world, marketing theory stands fast in the face of evolution.