Ian Hirst


Ian Hirst is the CEO of Greenbank – a global performance consultancy, focused on driving sales growth through innovative sales tools and engaging, motivational development programmes for sales people and their leaders. Prior to joining Greenbank in 2002, Ian had 20 years’ experience in senior sales and sales director roles, including Head of Global Sales Operations for Reuters. Ian now uses this experience with a wide variety of B2B clients – many of whom realise that they need to differentiate themselves by the way they sell rather than relying purely on their services or solutions. Greenbank’s carefully-picked global team of 30 director-level associates allow us to scale and meet each client’s specific requirements.

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The Executive Value Map - Articulating Your Tangible Business Value

You undoubtedly have real differentiating business value to offer your clients. But do your sales teams consistently articulate this, especially at senior level? If they don’t, then do deals stall in the pipeline or get lost to lower-cost competitors? This engaging, highly interactive seminar will introduce a proven tool to both revolutionise your sales teams approach to proposals and executive conversations and make a measurable difference to your sales success.