Helga Saraiva-Stewart


Helga is a B2B sales specialist and speaker, founder and Principal Consultant at Lead-Results, focused on helping her clients to win.

Sales professionals and business owners turn to her to take their prospecting results to the next level, and to get practical support and know-how that empowers them to raise credibility and create a competitive edge next to the modern buyer.

As a trusted advisor for almost 20 years, Helga developed new business and managed the growth of strategic clients for some of the world''s largest organizations in the technology, data, ethics and compliance industries, growing the revenue of the companies that she represented in highly-competitive markets.

Based out of London but now living in Lisbon Portugal, she worked internationally with companies of all sizes, global brands and ultra-high-net-worth accounts across different sectors and territories, shaping and negotiating (often disruptive) solutions that helped them to achieve their goals.

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Do You Represent Value to Your Prospect? Think Again!

Sales professionals are still struggling to identify and communicate their unique value to prospects. We know modern buyers now think and act differently, but salespeople continue playing catch-up and losing on (better) deals because they are not taught how to use the phone and initiate interactions that qualify and close deals.

In this session we look at how to deliver fresh perspectives to prospects that will want to talk with you.