Erroin A. Martin

Conversica, Inc.

Erroin A. Martin has spent 20 years in sales (although he would claim it has been a lifetime) after a brief stint in the military. Erroin has worked up from being an individual contributor to building/leading successful sales teams. Erroin has worked in various industries from pharmaceuticals to technology, selling his solutions across the globe. When he is not selling, you can find him following his favorite sports clubs (albeit with sustained disappointment), brewing beer, parallel parking trains and volunteering for Search and Rescue with his dogs.

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Emotional Intelligence: Selling with Artificial Intelligence: Winning In The 21st Century

Successful companies execute Personal, Prompt, Persistent and Polite tactics to engage their prospective customers (leads). Results from three years of study show how leading companies are doing compared to their peers. These winners build deep relationships that result in higher value for both parties using Artificial Intelligence over traditional selling techniques. Technology can set the stage, Emotional Intelligence closes deals. Artificial Intelligence plus Emotional Intelligence builds gigantic wins.