Darren Spence

Sales Gym 360

Darren Spence is a Judge for the CRN Sales & Marketing Awards; is a regular contributing Author for “Winning Edge” Magazine (a publication by the Institute of Sales & Marketing); and is Managing Director of Sales Gym 360.

Having spent 20 years in the IT Industry (running 9 sales team), in March 2010 Darren was appointed as Managing Director for a £20m failing IT company (Bytes Document Solutions UK – part of the $1bn Bytes Technology Group). During his first 23 months in role Darren successfully transformed the business from one which was making losses of £1m profit to one which was making £1m profit while growing sales by over 20%.

Through 2010 and 2011 Darren was involved in the design and rollout of a global sales improvement programme spanning 23 countries. In 2011 he launched his first sales improvement App which reached number 11 in the Business chart and was downloaded 20,000 times across 50 countries. In November 2015 he set up Sales Gym 360.

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The CEB is Wrong - B2B Customers are NOT 57% Along the Purchase Process Before They Engage Directly with Any Supplier

In this straight-talking session Darren will expose and counter the much quoted myth that buyers are in control of the purchase cycle – they’re not. Information is everywhere. Sellers have access to it just as much as buyers but need to learn to harness it better. Topics covered: - Customers don’t buy, they invest - It’s always about the Board Room - Stop broadcasting and start engaging - Keep it relevant - Stop vomiting information - it’s lazy and doesn’t work - Real insights and feedback from the CIO community to the sales community - Top 10 performance-enhancing tips for the modern B2B salesperson