Chris Marr

Content Marketing Academy

Chris Marr is a teacher and student of content marketing.

He’s the founder and driving force behind the Content Marketing Academy, the UK’s largest membership organisation of its type.

Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.

Through workshops, events, coaching and, of course, a ton of freely available content, Chris has become a respected Content Marketing educator.

Like all educators, Chris is also a dedicated student. He’s interviewed and facilitated events with many of content marketing’s most notable thought leaders. The knowledge he’s learned from the likes of Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Marcus Sheridan and Mark Schaefer has been shared freely with the members of his growing community.

Chris has also connected with many content marketing practitioners who have achieved remarkable success. By shining a light on these businesses and sharing the stories of their success, Chris perfectly blends the theory and practice of content marketing.

His passion for content marketing is surpassed by one thing – his son Spencer, who was the perfect Christmas present in 2015.

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