Andrew Ashley

OnTarget Systems

With a strange mix of sales and data analytics experience, OnTarget’s founder has given birth to a unique new platform designed specifically for sales leaders, based on the belief that data holds a wealth of knowledge for you, if only you can see it.

Andrew’s philosophy is the same – process the data to understand the behaviour (did you know that the Enron fraud was discovered by analysing data which lead to conclusions about behaviour?). And once you understand behaviour, you can predict outcomes.

Applying his knowledge of techniques in fraud detection, web analytics and big data analysis, Andrew has created a unique new product which predicts sales outcomes to help sales teams prevent lost sales, slippages and value erosion. Andrew is launching his start-up today, so please come and support!

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Preventing Lost Sales – And how to get all of your reps on target

Nobody wants lost sales – the impact on your business and career can be catastrophic. OnTarget is a start-up and TODAY we are launching our Sales Performance Improvement platform – predictive analytics and alerts which will help you prevent lost sales. As part of the launch, we are offering 6 months’ free trials so register your interest at our stand S771 - help our launch and we will help your sales.