Pip Thomas

Edge NLP

Focusing on empowering and effecting transformation of individuals and organisations through coaching, training and consultancy. Working with people and businesses in multiple ways: As Director of End- User Training and User Adoption Consultancy ( Instrui Ltd). Director and NLP Trainer ( EdgeNLP). It’s about engagement and human behaviour- whatever the context.
A serial entrepreneur and a passionate advocate of outcome-focused training and coaching: Pip has founded 4 businesses; Still running 2 and sold 2. Pip continues to be excited about the prospect of people changing their lives purely by tapping into an existing resource pool – their unconscious mind.

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Create your success through the power of your thought

We own the greatest toolkit of resources known to man – our unconscious mind and once we tap into it our world opens up. How fabulous is it to know you can create your own future. Explore how to change your thoughts, focus your mind and achieve the goals you set yourself. Recognise how choice and flexibility go hand in hand with success. Design your own future and achieve your wildest dreams.