Marcus Cauchi

Sales Management Trainer at Sandler Training

Marcus is a licensed trainer with Sandler Training with 30+ years experience in recruitment, sales, sales management, technology and consultancy. Since 2004, he has served clients across 450+ segments of the market.

He is expert in preventing bad hires, candidate hiring template design, effective interview and selection design, successful predictive hiring and compensation plans that drive desired behaviour. He serves clients in Direct, Enterprise and Channel Sales teams, turning around failing sales teams, supporting scale ups and ultra-fast, high growth businesses. He helps ambitious salespeople become A-players.

Working with business owners and investors to promote alignment & effectiveness, Marcus helps owners maximise profits and investors maximise exit values.

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Why You Make Wrong Sales Hires & What Do They Cost

Wrong sales hires can cost your business between 30-135 times base salary. Bad hires cab be the highest hidden cost in any business. Just because these costs don''t appear on your balance sheet, doesn''t mean they don''t exist. Discover your real hidden costs and why traditional recruitment practices make bad hires almost inevitable. Salespeople, get tips on how to interview like a star and be a great hire.