Your Unique Selling Point should be as unique as your fingerprint

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Your Unique Selling Points (USPs) should be like your fingerprint for your business. Something NOBODY else has.  Do you know how to find your USPs? Do you know how they work and why? 

We always ask our clients what their Unique Selling Points are.  It’s a question people misunderstand. We hear time and time again “we give a really personal service, and we can usually beat the price of our competitors” and so I ask them do you think your competitors are saying “we provide a really low price, but our service is rubbish”?  No, of course, they’ll say the same as you.  You see, providing a great service is a brilliant benefit to someone using you, but it’s not a unique selling point. 

How do USPs work? 

1. They tell people who you really are.  It’s your chance to state and show why you stand out. 

2. They’re designed to be subtle. Yes I know that may sound mad at first, but they are.  They’re the things that make you stand out, but they’re designed to build confidence in what you do and reassure your prospects and clients that you’re the right person to help them with their issues.  Essentially, your USPs will sink into their brains, into the place that matters, filed away somewhere and you’ll get their business when they’re ready to purchase. Because they already feel they can trust you. 

Here’s how to find your USPs. 

1. Get personal, think about the credentials of the people within your company. You’re experienced, so tell people – show them! If you’re an expert often speaking at events, tell people that. This is especially important if you’re in a competitive market.

2. We help ALL of our clients find their unique selling points by examining what they do and how they do it in preparation for our calls. Work with someone who can be objective and help you do that too. 

3. If you’re carrying out active marketing such as calling, then you’ll also find out throughout that process what your prospects – the people you want to do business with – feel is important for them to know about you.  You can then use this in future marketing messages.  

4. Look at your competitors. See what they’re saying about themselves, what can you say that’s different or better? Actually take time to do some competitive analysis work. This will give you YOUR opinion of how you differ, but then it’s useful to find out from the people who matter most…

5. …your clients. Go on, ask them. Ask them for testimonials and ask them to tell you what they like about you that’s different.  

So how do you use this information?  

Put your USPs on your website, but if you’re sending emails or making calls, be wary of using too many of your USPs in your introduction to people.  You need to say enough to make people interested to find out more about you and why you’re different – to ask you to tell them about yourself. You can’t get far launching in with telling people why you’re amazing without having built any rapport first.  By taking a consultative approach when you speak to people on the phone (treating them like they’re human and engaging with a conversation with them, not trying to sell at them) then you will show that you’re unique in the way you approach people too! 

If you follow those steps you will uncover those golden nuggets of information that really makes you stand out from the crowd.  Trust your findings and your own abilities.  You are worthy of the recognition you’ve worked so hard to achieve, you just need to find a way to communicate that effectively. 

Janine Forder

Ringhello Ltd 

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