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For decades sales teams have run sales competitions on whiteboards and spreadsheets. Once a week your team get an email containing the latest standings but very of them actually read it. Why? Because they know exactly what they'll see - the same few individuals at the top of the leaderboard time and time again.

CRMs and cloud diallers may have revolutionised the way your team tracks sales but there's very little in the way of driving the activity that produces these sales. Correctly motivating and engaging a team can have astronomical results; IBM logged a 94% increase in sales when using a gamified system in the states in only the second month of using it!!


OneUp Sales is a gamified performance management platform for the modern sales team. Our cloud-based solution helps sales leaders drive productivity, boost engagement and promote team collaboration within their organisations, resulting in higher revenues and reduced staff turnover.

Your sales team become players in our gamified system which has taken the essence of fantasy sports leagues and embedded them into sales competitions; your staff pick squads of their coworkers, rack up points for their performance and compete on an entirely new level that adds a new dynamic to your team. Even non-sales staff can take part, making your sales team the stars of the show. Run these competitions in tandem with our individual target-based contests and watch your whole team fight for a place at the top.

Around this core concept of competition management we've added:
- OneUpTV: display leaderboards, PDFs, videos, new starters and much more on any device. Create configs for easy setup and create transparency within your organisation
- Performance dashboards: every player receives a personal performance dashboard which they can check any time of day to see how they're doing against their KPIs. Mapping actions to results is key for driving motivation - and that's just what these dashboards do
- OneUp Analytics: having a full team meeting? Need to breakdown your team's performance with other executives? OneUp's analytics featureset does just that. Generate charts and graphs by group, individuals or metrics and make decisions in minutes as opposed to hours
- Overviews: want to see at the drop of a hat who's made the most calls without having to generate reports? Our overview leaderboards make it super easy


Come and find us at the Sales Innovation Expo for a live demo as well as the opportunity to meet the team! Alternatively head over to our website for more information.

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