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Great sales teams don`t just happen overnight; they are built from the ground up. Our goal is to help you build winning sales teams and increase your revenues by keeping your salespeople engaged, motivated, and well-informed of their progress on KPIs.

SalesScreen is a sales gamification platform that works on TV screens, web and mobile app to solve three of the most common problems in sales:
1) How to view and understand data in real-time
2) How to keep reps motivated and engaged
3) How to surpass quota and build great company culture

First, we help you to start seeing your data in a way that makes sense. In a world where data-driven decisions will make or break your company, it is almost impossible to over-emphasize the importance of real-time performance tracking. We display your organization's sales data in real-time using beautifully designed leaderboards, graphs, charts and other displays. This allows sales reps and managers alike to receive a continuous flow of information that allows them to target areas for improvement and drive performance.

Next, we provide an industry-leading gamification platform that allows you to reward, recognize and motivate your reps like never before. Maybe you currently use the old sales bell or rack points up on a whiteboard, but isn't it time to move into the 21st century? SalesScreen allows you to run real-time sales competitions, challenge colleagues in head-to-head matchups, celebrate milestone achievements, unlock badges for completing activities, level up the sales ranks and so much more!

Finally, we bring all of this together in real-time so that all of your offices around the world can celebrate the big wins together. Many separated offices struggle to build cohesion and maintain momentum due to time and distance gaps, but what if you could bring everyone together around common goals? With SalesScreen you can display leaderboards, performance metrics, sales contests and all of your other important data on TV screens in any office. Build cohesion and team spirit across your company by bringing everyone in on the fun. Our unique sales competitions, mobile app and so much more will always keep them driving beyond their goals.

Wondering how to get started? SalesScreen already has full integrations with many of the industry's top CRM systems. In addition, SalesScreen`s API makes integrations easy with a wide variety of additional CRMs and computer telephony systems. You can also use it stand-alone to manually add new sales activities in a single click without the use of any external CRM or data recording system!

* Quickly view your quota, forecasts, and sales progression
* Receive instant feedback and provide advice
* See detailed information on your KPIs
* Understand the results of your sales processes
* Clearly communicate your team`s performance
* Predict sales outcomes
* Discover how to increase revenues or reduce expenses
* Compare your results with other sales reps
* Get detailed information on your sales, offers, meetings, and activities
* Export and print your spreadsheets with a single click
* Customize your data to display exactly how you want it

* Sales rep recognition on TV screens with photo, music and sale details
* Tons of customizable slides to show your latest company updates
* Real-time individual and team sales competitions
* Battle Mode` for 1-1 challenges
* Customizable milestone `Events` to celebrate outstanding performance
* Leaderboards and Wall of Fame
* Hundreds of unique ranks and badges to unlock

* Send and receive instant updates on sales activity
* Access all of your data and KPIs
* Instantly congratulate other sales reps on a job well done
* Track company statistics and forecasts
* Review your company`s SalesScreen newsfeed
* View competitions and achievements
* Access your screens to update or show information

* Salesforce
* Oracle
* Microsoft Dynamics
* Zapier
* 24/7 Office
* Visma
* Open API
* ... and more!!!

"Never settle for "good enough" when you can be "great"!!!"

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