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Salesframe, a Sales Enablement tool for teams of all sizes, is a customisable cloud based app, that brings sales and marketing together.

It makes distributing sales and marketing materials to salespeople easier. It works as a material bank for sales and marketing, helping marketing teams keep the materials up to date, up to their standards and always available to every salesperson. This way all the salespeople have the same premise for successful sales. The materials can be anything from Powerpoint presentations and PDF-documents to videos, web pages and various calculators.

Salespeople use the tool for sales meetings. This way they won`t have to make their own materials and they have more time to concentrate on sales. At the same time the tool makes the meetings better by providing the salesperson with a flexible way to choose and present materials in changing situations.

The tool collects analytics on which materials have been used and by whom. This gives the company a way to analyze and improve their sales processes and materials.

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