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Rikki Hunt Associates

Rikki Hunt Associates introducing the UK Sales Leadership Academy
Ask yourself this question. If you could acquire the life time experience of another five or six top performers, would you be able to make more progress? If your answer is yes then you`ll also recognise that you don`t have five or six lifetimes to learn all those lessons, you only have one and you only have now.

The UKLA will enable you to go further, faster, cheaper and with less stress than trying to do it alone.

You will grow and learn from the experiences, applied knowledge and skills of a small closed group of business`s, sales leaders, Industry specialists and experienced Business Coaches

Our Promise: If after 3 months attending each monthly meeting, acting on each of your 3, 1-2-1 coaching sessions and applying the key business development tools you feel that the SLA is not right for you, you can walk away with all 3 months membership fees refunded in full.

Monthly meetings with peers, experienced Business Coaches and Trainers along with online support tools will produce measurable improvements to your sales results, develop your skills and build accountability while the stress of running a Sales Team is reduced through shared experience and peer-to-peer support.

Together with separate 1-2-1 Coaching sessions, online support and the application of powerful tools to unlock the potential in your sales operation the UKSLA create business value, and ensure you're are able to punch above your weight.

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