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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Nexsales Corporation

Nexsales is a global demand generation firm that has helped B2B marketing firms achieve repeatable revenue growth through best-in-class outbound and inbound B2B lead generation solutions.We offer high quality role-based B2B prospects lists with intelligence built by a team of 150+ Industry veterans.

Our clients have experienced about 50% growth year on year. With the help of sales/ marketing tools that help catalyze your campaigns and deliver maximum ROI. Our product suite consist of two complementary(RightLeads + VoiceReach) tools which when used together deliver upto 8X rise in conversions

RightLeads, the #1 data source for IT Security Market uses artificial intelligence exclusively curated for IT Security to find and rank decision makers specifically suited to your target group.

VoiceReach is a parallel dailer app that enables you to have meaningful sales conversations with 8 - 11 highly targeted prospects every hour.

When combined together, it forms a lethal catalyst that catapults your outreach by maximizing productivity and leverage intelligence for targeted/ personalized communication.

Tel: +1-408-831-3800

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