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Limelight Learning UK Ltd

Limelight Learning UK Ltd offers a comprehensive 11+1 online sales training course. This course is applicable to anyone in sales, or who is aspiring to a career in sales, irrespective of age, gender, experience, products, services, markets or channels.

Delegates study at their own pace without constraint from the fastest or slowest in class. They earn and learn at the same time with minimal time away from the job. They set when and where to study. Most modules contain self-assessment assignments.

We use psychometric assessments in two ways. Firstly to reveal the behavioural and cognitive strengths and possible limitations of the delegate, and where training can help. Secondly to empower them to recognize and react correctly to the behavioural traits of individual buyers. This means that they can modify their sales presentation to suit the needs of the buyer and not the seller and so close more sales.

An optional one day in-house training course reinforces and refreshes the 11 online modules. Role play and case studies are used in syndicates and the day is tailored to address the specific issues currently confronting the client.

Our training is very cost-effective and we give close personal tutored support throughout the entire process. We do this by encouraging delegates to contact us with any specific queries relating to a module and we put the full force of our expertise at their disposal.

For more information find us at: or ring 07803-274-629 or 07710-056-354.

Email us at to receive your free copy of our 38 page ebook entitled 'The Essentials of Management' - this, among many other topics, explains the benefits of psychometric assessments.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at the 2017 Sales Innovation Expo on Stand S386

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