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Leadfeeder is the best lead generation tool for B2B companies using Google Analytics.

With Leadfeeder you turn your unknown website visitors into sales leads in minutes by hooking it up to Google Analytics. All it takes is a couple of clicks and no technical know-how is required. We give you a completely free 30-day premium trial so you can try it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Leadfeeder is the best way to generate sales leads with Google Analytics because it's free and we can show you sales leads for as long as you've had Google Analytics on your website i.e. we go back in time.

You get:

*List of visiting companies
*Connection to company employees on LinkedIn
*Contact details of people you want to follow up with
*Source of visits and length of visits
*Visit details page by page
*Custom feeds and notifications
*Actional options for leads: assign, email, follow
*Customizable email notifications (alerts when a certain company visits)
*CRM integrations for Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics
*MailChimp integration to see who is on your website
*Unlimited number of users
*Team collaboration

We're the #1 rated app in the worldwide Google Analytics Partner Gallery and here are some of the reviews:

"Your support has been great so far. Navigation is easy and help is offered at all times. I am looking forward to opportunities in the future."

"A lead is a foot in the door. Leadfeeder has given me that opportunity. The support team are great and real. Super easy to navigate and use."

"Excellent service to better understand your page visitors. Also very useful how they come to your page and what are the main traffic sources. Very easy to use and easy integration with MailChimp! I like :-) The big deal is to use data and put it into sales and turnover!"

"Really impressed with the tool that shows and qualifies the visits to your site much better than most dashboards for analytics. A must-try tool for CMOs."

"I have been positively surprised by the top quality customer service I have received from Leadfeeder support team. On top of everything we have found the service very useful for lead generation. It has supported our sales funnel thinking and helped our sales team to identify hot leads."

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