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Launchpad CRM

Improve customer satisfaction, revenue and up-selling or cross-selling efficiently and effectively by recording and managing all interactions and communications across your organisation`s leads, customers and opportunities through a single, fully integrated application for sales in challenging environments without the need for premium 3rd party extensions.

Record outbound and inbound customer interactions;
- API allows tracking the interaction of anonymous visitors to websites, email or social media, and recording them in Launchpad with their entire history maintained once their identify becomes known.
- Chronological capture of all interactions with individuals and organisations in a central repository available to all users.
- Continue to track, follow-up and engage with customers post sales
Capture organisation and contact information from the internet.
- Access to possibly world`s largest database of organisations and individuals including employment history and verified email addresses to enhance and augment known information.
- Track and monitor social media marketing (through the Launchpad CRM API).

Track and forecast sales revenue;
- Full analysis suite utilising artificial intelligence algorithms to predict probability of win based upon previous outcomes.
- Sales funnel monitoring and filter-based revenue forecasting.
- Track the progression of each opportunity separately against best practice and your business sales processes.

Lead scoring;
- Evaluate organisations and an ideal customer assessment, nurture and qualify leads, evaluate and assess multiple buyers and competitor strengths and weaknesses on a per-opportunity basis.

Marketing automation/ integration;
- Track contacts and visitors to automatically target and present sales literature and communications specific to their interests.
- Joined-up inbound to outbound sales and marketing activities.
- Manage Email campaigns featuring advanced auto-response and campaign branching features.
- One-click Emails to engage with contacts and organisation with the Email contents automatically logged into the central, chronological communication repository.

Desktop or Mobile
- Easy to use Desktop and Mobile app for phones and tablets, which provides Identical functionality and capabilities as the full desktop application.
- Delivered as a web application supporting any internet enabled device with a browser, exploiting the latest technologies allowing its use whether or not an internet connection is available.

Integration with other systems;
- A full API is provided for integration with E-Commerce or other systems

Teams and Groups;
- Territorial and product sales teams can be readily assigned through the creation of teams and groups, which can even be hierarchical, with users assigned to none, any or all of these groups.

Advanced, time-saving features included without premium;
- Perform online searches for tender opportunities and potential customer organisations.
- Artificial intelligence backed speech-recognition system allowing operation by voice control.
- Capture relevant information through voice-to-text dictation and translation capabilities.
- Logging of incoming & outgoing telephone calls and call transcription*.
- Define and implement your own custom business rules and logic to automatically modify any document or entity.

* With supported telephony accounts

Tel: 02071172443

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