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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



IPFingerprint is an online website-visitor-tracking platform that enables B2Bs to open up a new revenue stream that taps straight into website traffic. By lifting the hood on their website and identifying which businesses are viewing which products and pages, users can forge new relationships with prospects they know are looking for their services.

IPFingerprint will give you insight into...

- Which Businesses and Competitors are visiting your website / Visit duration / Visit source.
- Search terms used to help enhance your Goolge AdWords spending efficiency and increase conversion
from 5% to potentially 45%
- Individuals' email addresses so you can connect with the right people and win new business.

IPFingerprint also offers:-

- Daily discreet email alerts to enable fast response times and quick turnaround.
- Scheduled automatic Excel and CSV reports
- Lead data auto-feed into Salesforce, Maximizer and other CRMs
- LinkedIn integration and support.
- Lead Scoring for effective, productive lead filtering and management to deliver the right leads to the right
teams or individuals.

We offer a free, fully open environment 14 day trial with full access to all features and no auto tie-in subscription when the trial lapses. This way, you can generate live leads and evaluate the usefulness of IPFingerprint for your business.

Tel: +44 (0)330 024 0477

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