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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Grypp Corp Ltd.

Grypp brings you the World`s most powerful Augmented Sales Platform, the leading edge way to connect with your prospects, customers and market, face to face and with all your collateral and media at your fingertips, without anyone having to leave their seat.

Don't just call them, Grypp them and sell more, spend less, improve your customer`s experience.

Grypp uniquely and securely combines, integrates and augments microphone and camera streams with a medley of interactive media into a shared virtual space. Grypp is cloud based so no one has to install anything. Just invite, connect and share. Grypp`s unique Interactive Canvas and customisable Media Templates have no parallel and deliver compelling customer journeys, from introduction to transaction, across the globe.

Augmented Sales empowers you to show off your products and services with images, videos or animations. Fact find, fill in forms, deliver quotes, make calculations, run questionnaires, sign orders and more, all while guiding your prospects or customers in person and building trust.

If you have a process or pipeline which works, don`t change it, just add Grypp and broaden its reach. You will see more people in more places at a fraction of the equivalent travel cost.

Grypp - make the World`s most powerful sales call.

Tel: +441604825520

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