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Elite Commando Survival


Here at ECS we like to look at team building as two distinct parts, team bonding and team building.

All of our team building events are designed to be run in as many different locations as possible - extreme environments, sports clubs, hotel ground and more. These events are designed around a variety of different military expeditions, from crossing the North Atlantic to jet skiing around the UK, and are brought to life by our expert instructors, fast dynamic activity and a variety of exciting equipment.

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At ECS we believe that true adventure can bring the best out of your team. Taking everybody out of their comfort zone really brings out the true character of the individual, and it is only once you have seen these traits that you can truly judge a person. There is no better place to see what your team is made of that in an extreme environment, whether that is hanging from a rope 150ft above the ground, going 50 knots on a RIB or doing a night navigation exercise on Dartmoor.

Being able to work integrally as part of a team is essential for all Royal Marine Commandos as the collective output is always greater than the sum of its parts. Our team building weekend course is an ideal opportunity for clients to enhance cohesion and communication skills whilst participating in demanding challenges.

Our team building course combines aspects of survival, physical fitness and a lot of fun to help develop the confidence of course members and give them an opportunity to both lead and be led. Our instructors have many years` experience of working closely in teams in the demanding theatres of Afghanistan and Iraq and are able to share their experiences in a fun and friendly approach to get the best from every client on course.

At ECS we are able to use the expertise of our instructors to bring your team together and overcome and obstacles or issues that you may have. Our lead instructors have worked around the world in some of the most challenging environments imaginable, and bring all of this to your team to allow you to gel and work more efficiently as a team. We believe that being in the great outdoors in real life adventurous scenarios is one of the best ways to do this.

We are able to tailor make any package to suit your team and your needs and have a wealth of experience in helping new teams bond, overcoming specific issues, leadership and management training and enhancing communication to name just a selection.

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