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Edge NLP Limited

Edge NLP is one of the UK`s leading providers of fun, inspiring, intense (and in the best possible way) and totally life-changing courses in NLP and Timeline TherapyTM and Hypnosis. We run a range of courses lasting from two days up to two weeks, all hosted in beautiful and peaceful locations in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

We believe that everyone has the power to take charge of their thoughts and emotions, understand and change negative and limiting patterns of behaviour, and, as a result, step into their superpowers and become the people they were put on this great spinning lump of rock to be. We train all sorts of wonderful and interesting people, from creative souls who are looking for a new and empowering way to show up in their world, to business professionals who understand how powerful the tools of NLP can be in the corporate world.

Our trainers are all super bright, dedicated and highly skilled people with a real passion for helping people understand what makes them tick and how they can tick more positively. We are always learning and updating our skills and our mission is to ensure that each and every delegate walks out of the training room with a whole new approach to life and living.

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