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Belbin Team Roles are used throughout the world to help individuals and teams work together more effectively. Belbin focuses on behaviour in the workplace - the way that people interact and interrelate with others.

By giving a language to this behaviour, individuals are able to understand how they come across to others. They can learn how to adapt their behaviour to develop productive, not problematic, relationships.

Managers are able to utilise strengths, allocate work to the most appropriate people and form high performing teams.

The Importance of Sales Teams

Increasing customer demands and the complexity of business relationships means that traditional sales methods are no longer giving organisations strategic competitive advantage.

Companies that harness the power of their Sales Teams have strong supplier - customer relationships that increase their chances of sustaining sales growth in the longer term.
By using Belbin with your Sales Teams we can:

• Increase Sales Effectiveness by identifying how individuals can contribute to advanced selling processes
• Improve Customer Relationships through enhanced interactions and adaptive selling
• Use Team Role relationships within a Sales Team to maximise strengths and contain weaknesses

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