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Atol Business Solutions Ltd.

The Unique Network of Consulting Companies- Produs Global Growth Network

The unique value of PGN is its ability to deliver affordable and competitive global solutions to B2B companies through a unique network of licensed sales and marketing companies around the world, using a common brand, sales, Produs methodology and systems.

The headquarters and the centres support its members - local savvy consulting companies from a number of industry sectors who execute global projects as one team with a single model of operation and same process.

We have successfully completed more than 80 international projects from 12 industries with the participation of more than 500 sales & technical professionals.

Atol Business Solutions was established in 2004 in Slovenia, EU and is the headquarters of the Global Business Development Network with centres in EU (Poland, Austria and UK) and Middle East (Dubai) with many more to come. Local consulting firms performing like a big global consulting company - but better :)

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